BGC also Introduced Regulations To Curtail Football Clubs’ Gambling Media Posts

BGC also Introduced Regulations To Curtail Football Clubs’ Gambling Media Posts

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has developed a new set of rules to prevent football teams to advertise gambling deals via their official social media accounts. The BGC has drawn up certain guidelines that children can be placed on social media sites to wager announcements Singapore 3win333. This move comes after the growing pressure surrounding the problem of such publications being promoted via the soccer club’s social media channels. The step is also increasingly motivated by complaints over clubs’ gambling ads on their official social media pages.

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The new BGC code of behaviour, with bans on all ads that display direct bonus or chances that cannot be directed only to over 18, shall not tolerate calls for action or web ties to organic tweeting on social media accounts of soccer clubs. The BGC has written the latest Guidance to the Prime Minister’s League and the English Football League to enhance clubs’ recognition and to allow clubs to extend these regulations to non-GBC participants.

In addition, the BGC contacted Twitter and Facebook to make sure that only over 18 people would display ads relating to gaming on all social media accounts.

The growth 

Brigid Simmunds OBE, Chairman of the BGC, spoke about this growth and said football clubs are a major component of the UK’s sports fabric, followed by millions of people on social media across any generation. He continued by saying that BGC members rightly treat gambling of under-18s with a zero-tolerance approach, and that the industry reasonably worries the children will be addicted to wagering on public media outlets. He also stressed that BGC’s latest recommendations clarify the expected requirements for soccer clubs as they publish social media promotions. Simmonds and the BGC are looking forward to the implementation of the new regulations as quickly as possible.

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The BGC issued last August the Sixth Industry Code on Socially Responsible Publicity. The code stipulates that members must ensure that all subsidised or paying social networks are directed at people aged 25 or older unless the forum shows that its publicity may be specifically targeted at people aged 18 or older.

It also has a clause that gambling advertising that appears on search engines needs to make it clear that it is for those aged 18 years and over.

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